I am Iko Uwais, actor, martial artist, husband and father. I am also the founder of the Thunder11 Centers for Martial Arts.

As you know, my life has revolved around Martial Arts. I amgrateful for this, because I realize that the things I feel proud of today, my achievements as a martial artist, actor, but also as a husband and father, are all thanks to the life-lessons Martial Arts taught me.Lessons such as:

- You have the ability to amaze yourself and others
- Focus, dedication and hard-work are the sources of your strength and success
- Strength of your body alone is weakness; true strength is the strength of your body, mind and heart
- Real success only results when you useyour true strength to improve your community

I decided to launch Thunder11 because I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact Martial Arts training can have. You can amaze yourself, make your family proud of you,and make your community appreciate you!

So Thunder11 is a place where we don’t just teach Martial Arts.We teach Martial Arts as a lifestyle for comprehensive self-improvement – body, mind and heart. We call this the Thunder11 Lifestyle.

And at Thunder11 you will find not only enthusiastic, professional teachers who ensure there is fun and excitement in learning. You will be part of a community where you will make friends who will support you, motivate you, andprotect you.This is the Thunder11 Community.

This Thunder11 Community will also ensure that your personal improvement positively impacts your family and community. Because the greatest reward you will receive for your efforts is the appreciation of your family and community – and I want you to experience that. We call this focus on improving ourselves for our family and community the Thunder11 Spirit.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff. You may also reach out to me directly via the Thunder11 website www.thunder11.co.id

I hope you will join us at Thunder11, either as a student, or as a parent whose children are students – or perhaps even both.

I want you to Feel The Thunder!

Iko Uwais


Kenapa harus memilih Thunder11 ?

  1. Dipandu oleh pelatih yang professional dalam bidangnya
  2. Mempunyai kurikulum dan buku komunikasi untuk memantau perkembangan siswa yang juga bias diakses oleh orang tua.
  3. Untuk para orang tua, tidak perlu khawatir ketika mendaftarkan anak anda di Thunder11, karena disini, kami tidak hanya mendidik siswa secara fisik bela diri, namun juga membentuk karakter siswa menjadi lebih disiplin.
  4. Dilengkapi dengan safety training yang cukup lengkap.
  5. Ruangan Full AC serta dilengkapi CCTV untuk memantau proses belajar mengajar.
  6. Mutu kebersihan terjaga karena kami mengutamakan kenyamanan serta kerapihan
  7. Para staff kami akan dengan senang hati membantu melayani anda dengan ramah.

Thunder11 Oath

It is the Oath by the Students:

I have joined the Thunder11 Community; Because I have chosen to amaze myself and my community.

I am dedicated to the Thunder11 Lifestyle; Because focus, dedication and hard-work are the sources of strength and success.

And I promise to be a true warrior; A loyal member of my team, always positive, using my skills only for good

Strength of body, mind and heart; To improve myself and community; That is the Thunder11 Spirit!

Code of Conduct

That Means the Rules that Students Should Follow Inside and Outside the Studio:

I train to strengthen my body, mind and heart.

When I train, I focus with dedication, and listen with respect to my trainer, my teacher and guide.

When I try, I am confident, unafraid.

Because if I fail, I learn.

So I won’t give up, but I will try again; and again, until I succeed.

When I win, my friends win; and when my friends win, I win; because we are a team.

That’s why I always motivate and support my friends, just as they always motivate and support me.

Our fight is to have a positive impact upon others; Because our strength serves our family and community.

Contact Thunder11

Bergabunglah dengan Thunder11, baik sebagai siswa, maupun sebagai orang tua yang anak-anaknya menjadi siswa kami

Mari, Rasakanlah Thunder!

Anda dapat menghubungi kami:

 +62877 7710 0111

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Km 32 No. 01D Kayuringin, Bekasi Selatan, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17144 Indonesia


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